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Ecopia Food in Street Festival of Food in Dinslaken

Ecopia wants to meet you in the streets food festivals. We start to the beautiful town of Dinslaken, natural reserve the best place to start. We are coming with Ethiopian species, recipes, and prepare it with the local organic farmers products to be enjoyed by hand and with friends.  

Ethiopian food is eaten with injera fermented tef (a gluten-free grain indigenous to Ethiopia).  Injera is meant to be eaten with your hands. Tear off a small bit with your right hand and scoop bits of the stews and various dishes into it, forming a bite sized food parcel and gingerly tuck it into your mouth. Don’t feel embarrassed if you get some of the stew or sauce on your fingers in the process – it’s natural and is part of the fun. 

Mixed Plates. Ethiopian dining is a social event, a shared experience that is not only delicious but also a shocking amount of fun.

Maheberawi (Meat Mixed Plate)

Ethiopian meat-based mixed plates usually combine several stews like key wat (beef stew), tibs(lamb, beef or goat cubes cooked with nitter kibeh and herbs like rosemary), and kitfo (raw ground beef). We highly recommend ordering one of these and sharing it with at least two to three people.

Yetsom Beyaynetu (Vegetarian Mixed Plate)

It is a mixed vegetarian plate that usually includes several types of lentil and split pea stews (e.g., misir wat, alecha kik or mesir kik) with kale (gomen) and a spicy tomato stew (sils). 

You can order your food or chose online. 

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ITB Berlin

Ecopia auf der ITB 2017

Vom 08. bis 12. März 2017 findet wieder die Internationale Tourismusbörse (ITB) in Berlin statt.

Ecopia Tours wird auch in diesem Jahr in der Halle 116 am Stand 21a mit Äthiopisch kaffee von Yayu äthiopisch biosphere reserve ceremony und hand massage mit sheabutter von Äthiopia